10 Commandments For Parents From A Man Who Spent His Life Helping Kids.


Janusz Korczak – an outstanding Polish educator, writer, doctor and social activist who refused to save his own life three times.
The first time it happened, when Janusz decided not to emigrate to Palestine before the occupation of Poland, in order not to leave the house orphans to fend for themselves on the eve of the terrible events.
The second time – when he refused to escape from the Warsaw Ghetto. The third time was when all the inhabitants of the house of orphans has risen in the train, go to the camp to Korczak SS officer approached and asked:
– That you wrote “King Matt”? I read this book as a child. Good book. You can be free.
– What about children?
– Children go. But you can leave the car.
– You are mistaken. I can not. Not all men are bastards.

None of the witnesses of this conversation is left alive. How not to remain witnesses and the fact that Korczak on the way to Treblinka told children fairy tales to distract them from the painful thoughts. But these episodes are so characteristic of the personality of the “old doctor”, so match the style of the whole of his teaching and of human life, there is no doubt – it was so. Janusz Korczak – a teacher who refused to leave their children on the threshold of the gas chamber. I do not leave, and died in a German concentration camp Treblinka together with his pupils – children from the Warsaw House of orphans, although he could be saved.
After all this we can no more know about Korczak. Kid 101 can only publish 10 principles of education of children recommended by this amazing man.

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