Boy Goes To The Store To Buy A Puppy. From Three Of Them, He Chose The Sick One. Watch This Video To See Why He Did This!


Everyone must see this video! A video that will bring you to tears!

A boy goes to a store to buy a puppy. There were 3 puppies and one of them caught his attention. He wants to take it. The seller offers to take it for free, but the boy refuses and wants to pay for it… It was a puppy with a broken leg and the seller wanted to give it to the boy for nothing. “Why isn’t he worth the same as the others?” The seller said: “Because he is worth nothing”. Then the boy asked: “This means I am worth nothing too?” The reason that makes him go to this step, painfully touches the seller.

In the same time the boy asks a question, and he picks up his pants leg and shows the metal stick he has for a leg. This makes the seller cry. He asked for forgiveness.

In a few minutes the sellers thinking and life changed. He probably understood the value of the boy or dog doesn’t change because of broken legs or something else. Every life should be valuable!

We should also think about what we say so it shouldn’t hurt others.

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