A 27 Year Old Woman Sums Up What Matters In A Letter While Dying From Cancer.


Holly Butcher died Jan. 4, but her legacy lives on through her inspiring wisdom.
A 27-year-old Australian woman with terminal cancer is giving perspective on making every day count through a heartbreaking letter she wrote before she died. Holly Butcher, who lived in New South Wales, Australia, passed away on Jan. 4 after a battle with Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare type of bone cancer. According to Buzzfeed, the young woman was surrounded by her family in her final moments. Just one day before, she wrote a gutwrenching, inspiring letter than her family posted to Facebook on her behalf. In it, she offers her advice for life, peppered with the wisdom of a woman who has had to come to terms with hers ending far, far too soon. We collect the best stories and videos especially for you!