6 Legitimate Work From Home Careers


For some people, these 6 legitimate work from home careers might be different. But it does seem that now a days people would love to have a career working at home, but the thing that stops them are all the scams out there.  But if you dog find good jobs, remember that you can get paid more if you have experience.
Virtual call center
This is a good job if you like talking to people even if you like a retail job center.  If you can speak more than one language, this job might be even better.
Freelance Writing and Editing
This can be a good job if you can have blogs or work for many magazine companies as a freelancer.  Another thing you can try is seeing if you boss can let you edit and write from home.
You might find some scams, but if you find some legit jobs in this,  it would be great if you have experience in this, because many bosses wand certain transcribers like in financial, legal, corporate, billing or medical.