6 Legitimate Work From Home Careers


Online Data Entry
If you like inputting numbers, letters, or symbols from written or audio files this can be a great job.  Most companies might hires out as a contractor and not full time, but I think if you do a great job, companies might keep you on as a contractor for a while.
This seems to be a good work at home job if you want to be a telecommuter and can have a few choices at an underwriter,appraiser, case managers, and insurance agent.  But it seems also that businesses will hire you and offer you flexible hours if this is something you like to do.
Doing Surveys
Doing surveys can also give you a few dollars for a few minutes of answering questions.  Of course you can’t trust them all, but try to find the legit ones.
It is better to do the surveys about general topics then surveys that are not suitable for you.  There are some surveys that can pay between 50 to 200 dollars but most will pay between .25 cents to 5 dollars so you might have to hustle to make good money.  If you can sign up for multiple surveys, this might help you make more, because not all surveys you qualify for.  Some good surveys might be survey junkie, Vindale research, MySurvey, Toluna, and Survey club.  Who knows, some surveys might give you products,  and you might keep it for free.