A Kitten Is Learning To Wash Himself, But It’s Not So Easy As It Seems… So Sweet!


The struggle is always real if you are just a little kitten. This sweetie is named Joe. Of course, all baby animals are sweet and precious. Nobody will disagree with this. However, this sweetie made my heart melt to pieces in a second! Joe is investigating the world around and is learning many new things to do. Just watch him trying to wash himself for the first time! Certainly, the scene is wonderful and cute… but the kitten has one little problem. It’s so hard to wash his tiny paws and tail…
To be more precise, it’s so difficult to reach them. But Joe is a very persistent kitty and always tries hard to reach his goals. So, this feature of his character makes this video the sweetest and the most entertaining in the world! Just prepare for total kitty cuteness overload right now!