There is nothing so deep and integral in our world, so mysterious and at the same time simple, so unique and beautiful than a person. He himself is both a creature and a creator, and a part of the world and the universe. Being an image, he creates an image, knowing everything around him, remains unknown. He strives for a goal, for a higher purpose, for knowing his place in life, to happiness.

I invite you to step on the path of finding yourself, to make new desired changes, to happiness.

You are my client if

You want to understand your true desires and determine the goal;

You are looking for authentic relationships;

You want to understand your purpose;

You have everything, but you do not feel happy;

You need a change to stop wishing and start living.

What I offer

From 5 to 15 and more personal coaching sessions 60 minutes each;

Support between sessions: answering questions, providing additional practices and materials.

Before the start of the coaching program, there is a free consultation (up to 45 minutes).

Sessions can be held in English or Russian.

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