Five True Animal Rescue And Humanity Stories


Many people think they are good but most of them are not ready to do something good. Sometimes if they actually do something, they want the whole word to know about it. People who actually do something amazing stay in the shadows and nobody knows about them. Now we want tell you some story about these kind of people.

Story number One:
In 2015, in the winter time in Russia, some volunteers heard a dog whining in the forest. A girl volunteer tried to find the dog and in a few minutes they found a hill of snow with a hole in it and the dog could not get out. This dog had some problems because before somebody beat the dog with a shovel and the dog had a broken spine and was sick. When they brought the dog to the vet, the vet said there was no way to help and needed to put the dog to sleep. But this girl didn’t accept this answer and tried to do all that she could do to help heal the dog.

After time this dog got better. People made a little wheel chair for the dog. She went from a scary dog to a hyper dog on tires. The people gave her the name Kira and Kira became a happy dog who still believed in people although she receive a lot of pain from them.

Story Number Two:
Wild Swans are usually aggressive. Because of this it was nice to see how a swan give a hug to someone who saved him. This man visited swan park in the United Kingdom and saw how one swan hit a metal fence. When the man saw this, he picked up the swan and tried to help it. He took it to the vet. The whole time the vet was checking out the swan, the man held it. After that this man said it was so nice to see a wild animal who is so aggressive be so calm and trust you.

Story Number Three:
A 98 year man from Bulgaria went to church everyday from his house to a church which was a little over 6 miles. In 2010 one journalist wrote unbelievable news that the biggest donation they ever received (40,000 euros) was from this poor old man. Everyday when he came to church, he would sit in front of church asking for money. He never spent any of it and what he was given went to the church. For his retirement he received 100 euro and this what he live on. What the people gave him was saved for donations. With this money he also helped an orphanage and homeless people. But you probable you would never know about this old man because he never talked about it.

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