Her Son Came And Stole her Spotlight! Watch This!


Alla Novikova and Daniel Novikov prove they can blow everyone away with a dance.

They are so convincing you will swoon. When they appear together on the dance floor, you will gasp in surprise. These are actually mother and son, who decided to present their routine to the audience. Alla Novikova moved from Russia to the US more than 10 years ago, opening her own dance studio in California, and she has been successful ever since.

Her talents are so prominent you won’t be able to stop watching and Daniel has got some serious moves on him. Together, they make a great team. If you need another proof of the American dream coming true, then this video is just for you, and if you love dancing as a form of art, you will be charmed.

America’s Ballroom Challenge is a serious show which requires a lot of preparation, but when these two appear on stage, it is clear they are going to knock you off your feet. It is hard to compete when you are surrounded by professionals, but you can also prove that you are an expert if you bring your best game to the performance.

Alla Novikova and Daniel Novikov are dancers who steal the show. The boy is only seven, but he already impressed the audience with his moves. Do you agree they deserve an award? Write in the comments and share this video with friends.

This duet is going to take over the media in no time, we are sure. Watch now and send to everyone you know!

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