Horchata Iced Coffee, Cool, Easy And Delicious!


A few weeks ago I headed to lunch at a local taco restaurant. Do you have those where you live? We’re in sunny AZ where Mexican food is just a way of life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I think tacos are the world’s most perfect food. Anyways, I digress. At this taco shop I saw a menu item for iced coffee. And of course I was intrigued! I ordered it because I could always use a mid-day pick me up and they asked if I understood that it was coffee and horchata.

HORCHATA?! Have you heard of it? Growing up in the Southwest I surely have. It’s a rice-based drink prevalent in Latin countries and in our neck of the woods often includes sugar, cinnamon and vanilla. While the taste and recipes vary based on where it’s made, one thing is consistent – it is DELICIOUS! I mean, if you’re a fan of milk, cinnamon and sugar, you can’t go wrong. And while many drink horchata straight, as a refreshing beverage – these folks put it in their coffee. And I was hooked.

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