How Kids an Put Their Parents In an Embarrassing Situation! This Is Silly And Funny!


5. “When I was 5 or 6, we were at my dad’s company picnic. I was introduced to his boss and I told him, ‘My daddy says you’re a son of a bitch.’ My dad’s coworkers fed me ice cream all afternoon.”

6. “‘You’re a funny little man, but I like your hat.’ My 4-year-old said that to a little person in the airport who was wearing a cowboy hat. I practically wanted to keep walking and leave him there, then I heard the man respond, ‘Thank you. And you’re a funny little man too!’ He was great about it, and several of us ended up smiling instead of being mortified.”

7. “I was waiting in A&E with my 3-year-old son after he swallowed a thumbtack. I needed to pee and had to take him with me into the small
toilet beside the waiting room. I’m mid-stream and he shouts out in his best voice, ‘Dad, your willy is SOOOOOO big.’ Everyone in the packed waiting room heard him and the rest of the wait was pretty awkward. I nearly died of embarrassment.”

8. “Once we invited a couple from church over to our house for the first time, to watch a Bears game. At the time my son was 3 or 4, and would refer to the teams by their jersey color. Well, that day they were playing the Falcons, and the Bears were in white. A few minutes into the game, my son wanders up to me and quietly asks, ‘Which one is Bears?’ I told him it was the white team. To which he then shouts out, ‘Yeah, we cheer for the white guys, because we don’t like black guys, right, Dad?’ I had to awkwardly say, ‘Yes, the Falcons are wearing black, and today we do not like them because they’re against the Bears.’ Everyone laughed a bit, but there were some side glances.”

9. “When I was about 4, I must have had some kind of infection or itch down there, and one morning at breakfast my dad’s coworker came in to pick my dad up for work. I said, ‘Hi, Don, my vagina hurts!’ and he politely ignored me, but I kept saying it over and over and over. ‘Don, can you hear me? My vagina hurts!’ Guess I just wanted some acknowledgement, but my parents just wanted to die. The poor guy was doing his best to pay no attention to me, but I was making it pretty difficult.”

10. “My daughter is 8 now, but when she was 2, I taught her to say behold instead of look. We’d be at the store or something and she’d go to point out whatever damn thing she saw, ‘Daddy, behold!'”

11. “In the toilets at a local supermarket. Mother Nature was paying her visit. My 4-year-old son came in the toilet with me … Went running out of the toilet to announce to his grandma, and the rest of the supermarket, that ‘My mummy has a piece of string hanging out of her bum.'”