How to invest $1,000: Seven Recommendations for Beginners


Invest in a child’s education
All parents want their children to become successful. The direct way to success lies through their education. However, there is a big problem out there as college tuition is high. Moreover, it inflated by more than five percent in the past 20 years. If you have some time before your children will reach college age, you can save your money or deposit them with some interest.
There is a college savings plan, which is a good option, giving tax advantages. Such plans are supported by the government. To learn more, you can look for your local college plan.
If your investments are limited at $1,000 only, you can make a great start for a college savings plan. Later, you will be able to make further contributions.
Important note: if you want to start investing in your children’s future college education, do not hesitate as time horizon I short, about 18 years only. If you start later, you will have to put even more money.
Clear your debts
This sounds strange, but you can think about it more and you will find out that such a strategy has its advantages. If you have debts you are on the opposite side to the investors. Even more, you have to pay higher rates.
If you have bought some stocks, you can get seven or eight percent return. While those who use credit cards have to pay more. This is why clearing your debts is a good investment strategy as it will help you to save some cash in the future.
Important note: If you have more than one debt, you need to structurize it. This will help you to understand, which credit eats most of the cash. It is better to start with the highest interest rates debts in order to get rid of them as fast as possible.
Invest in your retirement program
Roth IRA accounts have one great advantage as they allow to have tax breaks when withdrawing money instead of having tax breaks when putting money into the account. Moreover, you have almost full control over your savings as compared to other retirement plans. However, the main reason to start investing in Roth IRA is that it is crucial to save some amount for your retirement times.
Why? There will be no paycheck from employers during retirement, no source of income. You will have to rely on your retirement savings (such as Roth IRA program, e.g.).
Diversify your cash
Cash diversification is one of the worst mistakes many people do. Even $1,000 investments should be diversified. You can buy ETFs but be sure you put your cash in a well-diversified portfolio. You can surely buy some company’s shares, but it is better to play like a real investor, use diversification strategy even with such a modest amount for investments like $1,000.
Important note: never forget to rebalance your portfolio some of the stocks or other assets may rise or fall at a certain moment. Find some rules on diversification and apply them.
Final thoughts
We would like to thank you for being with us and paying attention to this post. $1000 is not a big amount to invest, but it is a good starting point for future profits. Moreover, in case of success, you will be able to reinvest your earnings, increasing your investment potential.
Never forget to make a thorough research of the branch you are going to invest in. Make timely choices as some opportunities may disappear after a limited period.