It Is Cool To See A Baby and Puppy Become Best Friends. So Amazing!


They say that the dog is man’s best friend of which I agree. Humans started to domesticate the canine friends a long time ago when civilization had not yet been thought of. Historians say that in those days, the wolves used to hang by the caves where people lived so as to be given the left overs.

In return, the wolves showed their gratefulness by barking and alerting the humans wherever they sensed danger like when a wild animal showed at the cave side.

As time went by, the wolves joined the humans in hunting and they turned to be called dogs and man’s best friend

It has been proved that dogs are able to know our feelings more than any other animal. In the clip below, we see a little baby being met by a puppy for the first time ever. Their reactions can clearly tell that they are animated to meet. Their excitement goes as far as giving each other kisses as filmed below.

There is no doubt that they will grow up to be inseparable friends. What is your opinion? Let us know by commenting below.

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