Kitten Rescued From a Package


One morning a woman named Elin, as usual, was walking her dog. Suddenly she noticed a plastic bag on the road that moved from one side of the sidewalk to the other. Then she heard faint sounds, similar to the mewing of a small kitten. She quickly untied the packet, which was tied with two strong knots, and found THERE a tiny kitten, wet and frightened.

Elin grabbed the packet and immediately ran home to help the kitten. The landlady bathed him in warm water, and he settled into a new crib. He liked his new soft blanket so much that he began to mug with pleasure. Elin fed the kitten from the bottle, and brought it back to life. He was very hungry. Elin already had cats at home. Now the kitten has got used to a new cat family, and very happy. He plays with other kittens, and sleeps next to them. He was given the name of Davy.

For a week, he completely transformed. Now he can forget about his sad past, and rejoice in his new life!

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