Listen To How Larry The Cable Guy Really Sounds! Can You Believe He Really Doesn’t Have A Southern Accent?


Take a moment to imagine comedian Larry the Cable Guy telling a joke, can you just hear him saying it in his distinctively Southern accent?! You most definitely can because that twangy drawl is what makes his voice and delivery instantly recognizable. Even if you are not that into stand-up comedy, at the very least you’re familiar with Larry and the other guys, like Jeff Foxworthy, who make up the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.

As it turns out, Larry the Cable Guy doesn’t even have a real Southern accent, it’s completely fake! If he had you fooled, you’re not alone. The comedian has a knack for picking up on all sorts of different accents that he hears and comes across. Sometimes it takes him just a couple of hours to master a new way of speaking, which is why he calls himself a “linguistic chameleon.”

So where did he pick up the Southern accent that he’s so well-known for? He recently sat down for an interview with Graham Bensinger and told his surprising life story. Born Daniel Lawrence Whitney, he grew up on a pig farm in Nebraska before attending high school in West Palm Beach, Florida. After attending colleges in Nebraska, Florida, and Georgia, he dropped out junior year and started off on his comedy career. It was his roommates from college that he acknowledges for inspiring his Southern accent, but there are other speech patterns that he can replicate perfectly.

Larry can also do a great upper mid-western accent, like what you’d expect to hear if you were in parts of Minnesota, or better yet Fargo, North Dakota. His cousins are from Wisconsin, so that’s where he was exposed to it and once you hear him speak in the accent, it all seems so effortless and natural! In fact, he can switch between accents seamlessly and you just have to listen to him do it in the accompanying interview. There’s a lot more to the man than you might have assumed and he certainly has a natural talent for accents. Check him out and enjoy!

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