“My Life Is Definitely This Crazy Fairy Tale”


A little girl named Tatyana McFadden who is an orphan does not realize that some of her dreams she wants will come true and although some people would think that her future is not a good one, people are amazed that she will win 11 medals in the Paralympic Games.

Now people think that she would make history in the Paralympics games by winning several meter races in her wheelchair and she is a world record holder in some of the wheelchair races. She was sponsored by many famous companies and also by some famous athletes as a winner at the ESPY Awards.

“My life is definitely this crazy fairy tale,” McFaddden said. “It just seems so unimaginable, and I’m definitely so thankful and so blessed for each moment of that life.”

Deborah McFadden saw little Tatyana in the orphanage and felt some connection with her and little Tatyana felt it too. She told everybody that this lady who worked for the U.S. Department of Health would be her mother.

Deborah went to The U.S. with little baby and later adopted two more little girls named Hannah and Ruthi. Deborah tried to help the girls by enrolling them into many sports to help give them strength.
Tatyana had a passion for racing and wanted to, so after school she would train in her wheelchair everyday. She then found out that there were trials for Athens games for the Olympics between 1984 and 2004, and she told her parents that she wanted to try and wasn’t even 15 years old yet.

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