One Person Who Wants To Change The World


Tewolde Egziabher, 67, a little bit of a Gandhian figure, is a UK-trained biologist and he runs Ethiopia’s environment protection agency and has proved himself an extraordinarily effective negotiator. At the 2002 Earth Summit, he made a very passionate speech heard at a global meeting. It had looked certain that the world’s politicians would back a US proposal giving the World Trade Organisation the power to override international environment treaties, but he made the ministers so bad, they voting to turn it down. No one could remember a personal intervention having such an impact, and his battles on behalf of developing countries to protect them from patents, unfettered free trade and GM crops are legendary. He was nominated by Vandana Shiva.

It is always great to see people who spend their time and money for doing something good for someone. In this world there will be people who will want to change the world for the best.

A lot of technology that we use everyday, was created by someone who wasn’t thinking only about themselves.

Watch this video and enjoy.