Orange Marmalade & Pecan Monkey Bread. Delicious!


It’s easy to make this Orange Marmalade & Pecan Monkey Bread for a weekend brunch! With only five ingredients, you can be enjoying this gooey breakfast treat in less than an hour!

Hey, howdy, hey y’all! It’s Jamie from Love Bakes Good Cakes and I am excited to be back to share another recipe with you this month! I have been wanting to share this Orange Marmalade & Pecan Monkey Bread for a few weeks now, but since I had it jotted down on my calendar as my April post for A Night Owl, I have waited to post it. Today is finally the day! Woo-hoo!

I know some of you are familiar with monkey bread, but for those of you who aren’t, let me give you the 411 ……. although I’m sure you gather from the pictures that it has to be good! 🙂

Monkey bread is an ooey, gooey, sticky, sweet breakfast loaf often made with bread dough or biscuits. Served warm, you can easily pull the bread pieces out from the loaf. It is incredibly easy to make and you can easily adjust things to suit your family’s tastes. I’m a big fan of citrus and this Orange Marmalade & Pecan Monkey Bread just happens to be one of my family’s favorites!

If you’re not a fan of orange marmalade, feel free to use your favorite jelly, jam or marmalade for a fun, new flavor! Raspberry preserves with almonds in place of the pecans, topped with an almond glaze is another favorite in the Love Bakes Good Cakes house! Enjoy, friends!

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