Fed Chairman put a stage to lower interest rate


On Wednesday Jerome Powell, a Fed Chairman, had a conversation with Congress talking about some risks hanging around that can cause trouble for the US economy. Government officials kept in mind about prior plans for lowering interest rates. Powell also spoke to a Financial Services Committee which is part of the House of Representatives who are also part of the annual semi annual report of the Fed Chief of the currency policy.
A person who is head of the central bank said it is uncertain how strong the trade tension and fears are about the strength of the world economy. Which is affecting economic plans for the future of the US.
In Powells opinion he thinks the risks that we have will cause the whole worlds economic growth to slowdown. Washington and Beijing are agreeing to go back to the tables and are not true what they are talking about will help with the talks. All these failed talks that are going on will not have a positive results for the US. If the economy stays like it is, businesses will have to hold back raises, investments, and not buying any large purchases.
This can also can cause companies to slow down on making product and it also slows down inflation. Government officials are also noticing these high interest rates can cause problems with trade between countries. So now Producers are delaying the big plans on big spending and hiring and how they will make their product and where they will make their products to sole the problems with the trade wars.