Puppy Sees Mom Eye-to-eye For The First Time. This Is Hilarious and So Cute!


Just take a look at this tiny puppy! He is named Elvis. He is a very talkative one. His dialogue with his mommy is adorable beyond words! He is speaking like an adult or a teenager. The mom, in her turn, is a very attentive one. She not only takes care of her baby, but also is teaching her tiny baby new things and is always eager to play.
Unfortunately, Elvis had a cleft lip at birth. But thanks to treatment, care, and attention of the owners, Elvis has become a rather strong and active puppy. The following video features Elvis’ Mom giving him a small push in the certain direction. But we see that in addition to all the features of character, this pup is rather a stubborn one. Watch what this precious puppy does next! He is so tiny but so adorable!