She Dialed 911 When She Was A Kid When Dad Beat Mom. See What She Became Years Later!


At just 6, Lisa Floyd was experiencing what no kid should. Her step-dad was beating her mom. She called 911 numerous times. This clip is about that one time the call went through and she begged the cops to rush over to break up a domestic fight. It’s hard to listen to this and keep your tears in!

Years after, Kit Gruelle came across the call recording and wanted to know what happened to the kid. She used the police resources to track her down. She ended up saving her from another abusive relationship. At her young age, Lisa didn’t want to leave her mom, but now she wishes the Child Protective Authorities had taken her away. Maybe life would’ve turned out much better to her.

However, she’s all okay now and looking into a bright future. Watch the clip here and be sure to SHARE to raise awareness.

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