The Groom Cancels The Wedding And Gives The Bride A Wonderful 35,000 Dollar Bill!


Quinn Duane of 27 years, from Sacramento, CA, was left with a week to be wedded, when husband to be cancelled the plan, and giving her a $35,000 bill for the planned wedding ceremony.

Saddened, Duane family chose not to use the money but contact Next Move, a local homeless sanctuary which assist families and hundreds of women. Duane preferred to offer food for them at a superfluity hotel

Revealing to KCRA, she said that the idea came from her parents who had asked her if it was possible, of which she agreed.

Duane was absent for the hotel dinner, but took a honeymoon vacation with her mother in Belize.
Millions of people were shocked with her kindness act, but as for her, she was converting the bad moment to a good one.
Confessing, she said that a good deed doesn’t need one to be complicated, and as for her, it was as a result of bad luck, of which it turned out to be positive too!

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