The Little Girl’s Dream Came True, She Goes To Disneyland! Watch Her Wonderful Reaction!


This girl is having a birthday and doesn’t expect something that she really wanted. She seems to like what she has so far, but has a big surprise later.

Any gift is good like candy and clothes, any clothes that she gets has Disneyland on it and she doesn’t understand why. It is easy to understand because she loves Disney and that explains the presents.

But there is more. Mama ask the where would like to take all of this, and the girl says to Disneyland. It is her dream that she has talked about many times before. Mom then say that they are going to Disneyland. The girl thought it was a joke and could not believe it and says “really, are you joking?”

Look at what happens when the girl realizes that Mom is not joking. Her reaction will melt your heart and make you want to cry!

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