This Kid Is Watching His Mother Blow Her Nose. Watch What Happens To Him. It is Hilarious!


Many actors spent many hears learning how express many feelings. They show with their face, joy, anger, sadness, and jealousy. When we become adults, we aren’t so open with emotions as we were as a child.

But if wen meet someone who is always straight to the point and expresses their feeling, we look at them as their unique. They have something that we lost.

Maybe we should be more straight foreword and don’t be so scared to show our emotions.

Look at this kid. He was like a wave in the sea. He went from being scared to laughing to death. And all what he sees is his mother blowing her nose. We didn’t see her, but looking at this kid we get scared with him and also laugh with him. It is the greatest artist!

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