This Little Girl Refuse To Say Happy Fathers Day. See The Reason Why!


Do you mind wishing your granddad a happy Father’s day?

What is your point of view on this holiday? Well, most of us have no problem with that, but that’s not a case with Hadley. Her mom asked the girl to call her grandfather, but the little one refused to do it.

The whole sequence was filmed on camera and then Steve Harvey saw it. He figured out it would be better if he invited Hadley to the show where she can explain why it’s not appropriate to wish your grandfather a happy Father’s day.

Let’s see what this queen of sass has to say! The girl is being asked why she doesn’t want to greet her grandpa, and Hadley is really good at arguing. In the footage below, she tells her mama that she should call her daddy, and they are not sisters, so that’s weird.

To be fair, the girl has a point and she had us thinking for a minute. Hadley is going to be a great lawyer or a politician one day, because she knows how to stand her ground. Even Harvey’s tricky questions cannot confuse her, and when the host is pulling out the big guns and calling granddad for help, she is still hesitant.

What if she is right and she shouldn’t wish a happy Father’s day to everyone? Do you want to know if she said the words? Keep watching and voice your opinion in the comments. Frankly, we believe the girl is right when she’s sticking to her guns. It’s such a controversial topic it should be approached with seriousness.

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