Twins Step On The Stage, Reason? This Is Touching!


Ty and Austin who are twins have always been together. Although they were born at the same time, they were completely in different conditions. When Austin was already walking, Ty was attempting to stand since he was a victim of Down syndrome.

The only thing that separated these twins from being together was that Ty had to go to a special school because of his health condition. When the twins attained the age of 18 years, Austin had to graduate from his high school. He asked the school to allow his brother to be beside him when receiving his diploma, a condition that the school agreed to.

To graduate and get a diploma means that Austin had worked tirelessly for it. Though that was the case, he strongly believed that his twin brother had a harder work than him because he had to undergo obstacles every day.

The graduation ceremony took place at Rochester, N.Y, where the twins went onstage together. Everybody in the hall shed tears when they saw the twins walk alongside each other. But the most emotional moment of the video is when their mother is so delighted with her sons that she starts to weep.

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