Watch This Cool And Amazing Video Of a Little Girl Who Is Like Harry Potter In Real Life! Judges In Shock! So Do We!


Britain’s Got Talent has a new magician, and that’s Issy Simpson. Just WOW!

She says that her favorite book is Harry Potter and she loves embracing her inner Hermione Granger for the show. Simon Cowell was so shocked by her performance that he couldn’t speak for a second. Let’s see what this girl has for us in store.

She has a cardboard box in her hand and she adds that she wishes to combine her love for reading and her love for magic tricks. She then pulls out her favorite books and asks the judges to check if all of them have different pages.

They do it willingly, and here is when all the fun begins. The girl asks Simon to put the box on the floor, and when he does that, Issy once again requests him and his colleague David to lift the box. Even working together, they find it impossible! But the box is empty and there is only a pack of cards inside.

Taking the initiative and sounding like she is the boss, Issy picks it up effortlessly, doing what men couldn’t accomplish, and we are absolutely stunned. Simon takes a deep breath to come to senses, and then, there is a trick with cards waiting for us ahead.
We won’t be giving away details – you should see it with your own eyes, and while you are watching, tell us what you think about Issy and her ability to blow everyone away. Isn’t she gorgeous?

We can’t get enough of this girl, and every time we try to think of the magic tricks that accompany her routine, we are lacking words. Watch now and share with friends if you enjoyed the video!

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