We may differ in nationality, age, gender, social status, beliefs, etc., but we are all united in one thing – the desire to be happy. Although happiness itself may not be the same for each of us. One gets happy because of scientific discovery, while for someone else, a quiet family evening is what makes them happy.

How do you reach a state of happiness? What do we need to ensure that life does not pass by, to be completely ourselves in each moment and become what we are capable of becoming?

This author’s program includes seven blocks:

  • The power of dreams;
  • Diligence;
  • Finding yourself;
  • The creativity of being;
  • Faith and worldview;
  • The way through suffering;
  • Love is the basis of happiness.

The number of sessions for each block can be individual. You can also select multiple blocks as you wish (this is discussed individually). During each session, you will be offered effective exercises that will help you discover many new things.

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Don’t keep yourself on the path to happiness!


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