Why Do We Have Dreams?

Why do we have dreams? Such a question can be asked by a practitioner, one who claims that daydreaming is an empty pastime. In reality, daydreaming is a creative process. When in the depths of our being the light of what we strive for, what we really want, and what we should become, breaks through, then we need to be able to notice this quiet dawn ray and try to see it mature into a full day. To mature is to see the whole image in the strokes that appear and to mature, that is, to grow up to the fulfillment of this dream, to become mature.

The dream often carries within itself the notes of our destiny. Therefore, it is worth listening to it. School graduates often wonder where to go to study next, what to do? By this time, many have long been lost in the external polyphony and sincerely think that they do not know their vocation. Thoughts about what is prestigious and where you can make good money are also sidetracked. And you just have to think about what we like to do. When do we forget time? Picking up sick animals on the street? Washing dishes in the kitchen? – Well, you say, what is the purpose here? And I am deeply convinced that by giving your time and abilities to a work that you really like, you can really do a lot and at the same time not be oppressed by the realization that you are not in your place and do an unloved business.

If we allow ourselves to impose an alien idea of purpose, and success, we risk being the person who, perhaps, will have everything, but who has never felt happy.

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