You Can Keep Your Car Windows Free From Fog Using Kitty Litter. Watch This!


We all can realize that summer has come to an end and winter has taken its place. There is some temperature change all over. Those chilly mornings are back again, where your car brings issues, thus consuming most of your precious time that could be used to do other things. One of the issue, is the clogging of fog on your car windows. Don’t worry any more about that, because there is a handy technique that will help you deal with them.

The reason why there is fog on the windows is because of the presence of a lot of moisture in the vehicle. The following video, will teach you a simple tip that will keep your car window from the moisture. The cool thing about this trick is that you only need some kitty litter and a sock!

With Dave Hax, a life hacker, the inside of your windows will never be covered with fog, but will ever stay transparent. He will show you how to absorb this excess moisture from the inside of your car.

A very important point is that after coming up with the moisture absorber, you should position it in a spacious place inside the car, like at the dashboard top.

Watch the video below for a detailed explanation and don’t forget to SHARE it with all the car owners out there!