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    There is nothing so deep and integral in our world, so mysterious and at the same time simple, so unique and beautiful than a person. He himself is both a creature and a creator, and a part of the world and the universe. Being an image, he creates an image, knowing everything around him, remains unknown. He strives for a goal, for a higher purpose, for knowing his place in life, to happiness.

    Love Your Life

    Are you enjoying your life? Do you wake up excited about what the new day might bring to you? Would you like to take responsibility for what happens in your life and make changes? I know how challenging it can be. With me by your side we will get to your desired future step by step.

    Love Your Life is a balanced, well-crafted program that will take about 90 days. In this time you will get to the bottom of what’s holding you back so you can fully reset that. Lets start this journey to your joyful, energized, and better self.

    Love Your Life is a 13-session program. At the end of each session I will give you exercises and every month we will do a debriefing.

    Plunge into the atmosphere of meeting yourself and let it bring you unexpected joy.

    Way to Happiness

    We may differ in nationality, age, gender, social status, beliefs, etc., but we are all united in one thing - the desire to be happy. Although happiness itself may not be the same for each of us. One gets happy because of a scientific discovery, while for someone else a quiet family evening is what makes them happy.

    How do you reach a state of happiness? What do we need to make sure that life does not pass by, to be completely ourselves in each moment and become what we are capable of becoming?

    Coaching program "On the Way to Happiness" includes seven blocks:

    ✔ The power of dreams
    ✔ Diligence
    ✔ Finding yourself
    ✔ The creativity of being
    ✔ Faith and worldview
    ✔ Suffering
    ✔ Love is the basis of happiness

    I propose an author's coaching program that will help you discover new resources of inspiration and joy, make your usual everyday life filled with meaning. May your life be fulfilled!

    Individual Coaching Sessions

    Coaching starts by declaring a powerful future. Let me help you realize your goals and achieve success.

    ⦿ If you would like to make changes in your life, but are confused and cannot decide what you are really looking for;

    ⦿ If you do not feel satisfaction from your activity, but would really like to understand your purpose;

    ⦿ If you have everything to be happy, but you are not happy;

    ⦿ If you have had a lot of relationships, but you are still in search;

    ⦿ If you are happy, successful and want to multiply this treasure

    - individual sessions for you!

    I work with each client individually, based on their personal needs and goals.

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    Thank you for your confidence

    Kseniya Y.
    Kseniya Y.Producer, Los Angeles, US

    Svetlana is an incredible coach. She is an active listener and makes you feel heard. She talks openly about the issues you bring to her and without any judgement, which makes it easy to open up to her. She asks questions that lead you to self-discoveries and refrains from giving advice. I felt heard, cared for, and respected after my sessions with her.

    Ksénia U.
    Ksénia U.Art Coach, France

    I know Svetlana like the author of many splendid articles and of the book. It is the person with a great and generous heart, who always find the time to listen you and to share her experience with you, to give your her advice and her help. Many times in my life I was coming to her in the very low state of my mood, being lost and sad, but Svetlana was always able to give me the impetus to move forward and to believe to myself and I’m very thankful her for that.

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